How can a Private APN help your business?

How can a Private APN help your business?

An APN is the network name that a mobile provider uses so that your device can access the internet.  APN, meaning “Access Point Name” is generally the same for all users on that mobile provider’s network. A Private APN is different, because it means your network is private and separate from the rest of the mobile provider’s network. So whilst you are still connecting via the mobile provider, your network is completely secure and isolated from the general public.

There are a number of advantages for a company to use Private APNs:


Being on a separate, secure network which is isolated from the general public has many security advantages.  First and foremost, no one from outside your network can “hack in” to any device, as its impossible to even see it, let alone connect to it. So whilst your devices have access to the internet, the internet cannot reach your devices at all. This makes it great for those applications which need a secure network such as CCTV, cash terminals, tracking devices, traffic management, medical and critical infrastructure.


The Private APN has its own local network, which is separated from the rest of the mobile provider’s network. If you are familiar with the concept of VLANs, then this works in a similar way. All the traffic on your Private APN is separated from the rest of the mobile provider’s traffic. Your business can easily connect to the Private APN network using an IPSEC Lan-to-Lan VPN connection. This would effectively make all your mobile devices an extension of your existing IT network, and because the VPN is highly encrypted its totally secure too!


Normally to access a mobile device remotely, you would need a public IP address assigned to the SIM card.  However, not only is this very costly, it also opens up your device to be discoverable on the public internet.  By using a Private APN, your devices are allocated a fixed private LAN IP address, so it not only makes the connection much cheaper, but it also means that its not possible for potential hackers to access you device via the internet.


By using a Private APN in conjunction with our eSIMs, you would get worldwide coverage of all your devices.  The devices would be on your private network at all times, no matter which country, or which mobile provider they are using.  Even if you are just based in the UK, the peace of mind knowing that you can connect via any provider means you can put devices into an unknown environment and be fairly certain that it will connect.


How can we help?

If you have a project to requirement to secure your mobile devices, then we would love to hear from you. Give us a call on 0161 711 1100 or email info@nxcoms.co.uk to see how we can help

Faster Britain Webinar

Faster Britain Webinar

Faster Britain, digital infrastructure and you


As we exit lockdown, many businesses have come to realise that digital infrastructure and reliable fibre internet connectivity is essential.

New ways of working such as video calling and remote working have meant that a fast and guaranteed connection are more important than ever.

Nxcoms are pleased to announce a webinar for businesses based in the North West on 31st March 2021, hosted in conjunction with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and ITS

In this webinar we explore how the Faster Britain network can help you and your business take advantage of new connectivity without the increased cost or long installation times.

This webinar is for all businesses, however will be especially useful for businesses based in the Tameside and Stockport areas of Greater Manchester.

To register for the webinar, click on this link: https://www.gmchamber.co.uk/events/faster-britain-digital-infrastructure-and-you/


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Is cheap broadband a false economy?

Is cheap broadband a false economy?

Is cheap broadband a false economy for your business?


Whether you are a small business or a larger company, many business owners choose broadband purely based on price. Normally this is a good thing as it saves on costs, but is it a false economy? What happens when you have a problem?

Broadband is cheap, often costing £1 or less per day, and in normal situations that is absolutely fine. However, its when things go wrong that you need to consider your options.  Contrary to popular belief, standard broadband delivered through a copper telephone line can, and does, go wrong from time to time.  Being based on a copper telephone line means that any issue with that underlying copper line, will result in a poor or unusable broadband connection.  Many people do not realise that standard broadband comes with NO GUARANTEES whatsoever, so Openreach who maintain the UK copper telephone network are under no obligation to fix any problems within a specified amount of time.


Could you afford to be without your internet connection for a day, or longer?


Lets do the maths:

Say you are a business turning over £200,000 per year.  Minus weekends and bank holidays there’s 253 working days per year, so that’s an average turnover of £790.52 per day.

You decide to connect your business using a broadband connection for £30 per month, because the dedicated leased line option at £300 per month seems too expensive.  The broadband line is less of an overhead on your business, but it comes with no guarantee of service, or service level agreement if it goes faulty.

So if your broadband was down for a day, and you rely on an internet connection to make your sales, then your business could potentially lose £790.52 each and every day.

Your £30 broadband with no guarantees of uptime or service level agreement, seems like a false economy, as you may have saved some money on your internet connection with your overheads, but potentially losing £790.52 or more from your sales figures when it goes down,

Now, lets consider a dedicated leased line connection. This is a fibre optic cable delivered directly into your premises, but as its not based on a copper line, its much more reliable, as well as capable of delivering faster speeds.  A dedicated leased line comes with a 99.9% uptime and 4-hour service level agreement, meaning that faults are fixed the same day. The longest you are likely to be offline for any reason is therefore 4 hours, meaning the maximum loss to your business is £395.26 (based on an 8-hour day).  A typical monthly cost of a leased line is around £300 per month, making it ten times more expensive than broadband, but the potential losses are massively reduced.


Is it worth the risk?


Based on our estimates above, the potential risk to your business using broadband would be £790.52 for every day of downtime, but on a leased line it would be £395.26 as a maximum, as there is a guaranteed fix time.  When you look at it in terms of potential lost revenue, then it seems pretty straightforward that a leased line is actually the better choice.


Want to know more?


If you want to know more information on how a leased line can be better for your business, then contact us or call 0161 711 1100





What Our Partnership With Faster Britain Means For You

What Our Partnership With Faster Britain Means For You

Last month, we announced our partnership with Faster Britain. Powered by ITS, the initiative aims to provide ultra-fast internet to businesses. But what does it mean for you? And how will you benefit?

Until now, businesses across the UK have had to choose between affordability and quality when it comes to their connections. But not anymore. Faster Britain is repurposing existing infrastructure so that businesses are able to utilise more advanced technology at a fraction of the cost. Here, we explain more…


What Faster Britain do


Faster Britain is designing, building and operating ultrafast networks that are driven by genuine business requirements. How? By leveraging their existing infrastructure across the UK to expand connectivity, with the support of local authorities and partners. This reduces set-up time, meaning connectivity can be installed in a matter of weeks.

From your perspective, this means that instead of paying to be connected to a new network, you’re now being paired to infrastructure that already exists. This reduces the cost when it comes to adopting new technologies and also allows Faster Britain to level up parts of the country, quicker.


What we do 


Our role is to provide leased lines. Where before these handy, dedicated connections were reserved for only the wealthy or large-scale organisations, now all businesses local to Faster Britain infrastructure can enjoy guaranteed uptime and high-speed connectivity.

As suppliers of leased lines, partnering with Faster Britain, we can offer our solution for less. As one of the most cost-effective suppliers of leased lines in the UK, this makes our services especially affordable. Plus, we also include a 99.99% uptime guarantee, 4-hour repair and 24/7 support as part of our offering.


What leased lines do


Where standard internet speeds slow your productivity down, leased lines give you a competitive advantage by ensuring continuity and offering scalable speeds of up to 1 Gb/s. In other words, with a dedicated line, you’ll have a direct fibre optic connection to the premises.

What’s more, with symmetrical upload and download speeds, you also get a choice between shared bandwidth or fully uncontended connection. This is the ultimate internet connectivity, and thanks to Faster Britain, it can be yours for less.


How you can apply


Faster Britain is still in the process of rolling out areas, however Tameside is one such location set to benefit from their infrastructure. So if your business is local to Tameside and you’d like to find out more about dedicated leased lines or our partnership with Faster Britain, please get in touch.

If you’ve got any other questions about our services or want some advice on business connectivity, don’t hesitate to get in touch on info@nxcoms.co.uk.

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Nxcoms working with Faster Britain

Nxcoms working with Faster Britain

Nxcoms is pleased to announce that we are now working with the Faster Britain programme, powered by ITS, to provide ultra-fast, reliable and low cost leased line solutions to businesses in Tameside, Greater Manchester.

Businesses in Tameside have often had to make the difficult choice between slow broadband which fits their budget, or ultra-fast leased lines which are vastly expensive. However, this doesn’t need to be the case any longer. Using the Faster Britain network, with speeds of up to 1Gbs, businesses in the Tameside area can quickly supercharge their internet connection and have all the benefits of a leased line without the associated higher costs.

How is this done? Through its approach to re-using existing infrastructure, Faster Britain builds are deployed faster than the competition by minimising disruption through intrusive, and often prolonged, digs. It also means connectivity can be installed in a matter of weeks, rather than months. By connecting to a network which has already been installed and its there ready and waiting, the costs are vastly reduced when compared to dedicated new leased line connections.

If you have a business which is based in the Tameside area and would like to find out more on how you can benefit from the Faster Britain network, contact nxcoms or call 0161 711 1100


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How Connectivity Can Make Or Break A Construction Site

How Connectivity Can Make Or Break A Construction Site

Demand for internet access on sites has been steadily rising for years. Before, only a handful of site managers would be equipped with some level of connectivity. Now, as programmes become more demanding and site employees require more information and collaboration, connectivity is vital.

Everything from office equipment to cameras and 3D mapping devices need to move freely around your site. By limiting their connectivity, your team works less effectively and you risk not being compliant with current security standards.

So, to help you get to grips with it, we’ve provided a complete guide to connectivity and its role on modern construction sites.


Keep teams connected

If you’re in charge of operations for a construction site, you need to be able to check in with various projects – occasionally across multiple locations – to ensure that work is being carried out on time and within budget. Architects, contractors and clients all require updates and information too. And you may need to provide immediate access to plans and surveys. If not, everything could grind to a halt.

The same is true of technical and health and safety information. If your site workers can’t read relevant documentation, you’re acting unethically. And if they make a claim, on your head be it. There’s also the issue of supplier management, geolocation and workflow…

Trouble is, construction sites are still at the mercy of carriers and infrastructure providers. Which means whenever there’s downtime, client relationships suffer, on-site safety is threatened and so is the success of the project. Only by realising the true value of connection, and the role it plays in the smooth exchange of information on-site, will you realistically address all of the above challenges.


Ensure systems are secure

Even if communication between teams isn’t your number one priority, it’s likely that site security is. CCTV alone requires a stable connection in order to keep your site under constant surveillance. But it isn’t just your standard CCTV that you’ll need. In fact, there’s two forms of security most sites offer – physical and operational.
Operational is the human-enforced measures of protection, for example having guards on-site 24/7. Physical security though, which includes intruder detection and access control systems, requires a stable internet connection in order to truly protect the site. Which in most cases, is a stakeholder requirement.

Speaking of protecting the site, only by investing in construction connectivity can you safely support risk assessment and hazard identification technologies. This ensures that firstly, you’re not at risk of a claim and secondly, you’re protecting your assets from damage. How? By enhancing your processes so that you can run more comprehensive security measures.


Enjoy cloud-based software

Virtual desktops and cloud computing allow for more than quality connection however. They enhance your facilities so that you’re able evolve your site development into something more dynamic. Where before, a site manager may be shackled to their desk in order to monitor progress. Now, they’re able to update schedules, perform time entry and generate reports from the field with their mobile devices.

Whether you’re in need of a project management solution or an ERP system that can help you to better manage your resources, only by embracing cloud technology are you able to utilise them. Of course, with cloud relying on a stable internet connection, there’s no use shopping for software unless you’re confident you’ll remain fully connected while on-site.

Likewise, tethering your smartphone to these devices won’t be enough to sustain your team, rendering a project management tool useless. Instead you need a solution that isn’t hampered by data restrictions, network coverage and the inability to transfer data internally. Plus it will need to be protected from on-site activity, while flexible enough (in terms of its contract) to marry up to your project time constraints.

Often site managers will be forced to travel around overseeing various locations – some with very poor connection. This is where eSIMs come in. eSIMs allow any mobile data device to connect to any provider in the UK or abroad. So, whether you don’t know who the best provider is for the area you’re in or simply move around a lot, our eSIM product will always connect to the carrier with the strongest signal – no matter where you are.


How Nxcoms can help

In need of a better connection but don’t know where to start? Give us a shout. At Nxcoms, we understand that in order for you to deliver a project to the timeframe outlined and meet the demands of your clients, you need access to reliable internet speeds with increased bandwidth potential. And we have just the thing…

In fact, as experts in connectivity, our team have supported construction leaders with exactly that. Not only are we able to recommend solutions which are tailored to your project, but also your sector. So, whether you’re hoping to get a direct broadband connection established or looking to protect it with a private APN, we’ve got you covered.

If you’d be interested in learning more about connectivity options for construction sites, get in touch with us on info@nxcoms.co.uk or by calling 0161 711 1100.

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