SIP Trunking

SIP trunking is a type of voice over IP technology, which is delivered over an internet connection. The underlying technology has been around for over 10 years now and more and more businesses are starting to realise the benefit. Even BT has admitted that ISDN’s days are numbered so SIP trunking seems to be the way forward.

SIP trunking operates very similar to an ISDN30 line, but unlike ISDN30 where you are limited to 30 simultaneous calls per line, there are no limitations with the number of channels you have on SIP trunking. Whats even better is that you have the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of simultaneous calls you can make as your business requirements change.

ISDN is always limited to the premises it is installed into, if you were to move premises, then you would have to have a new ISDN line. If the new premises was served by a different telephone exchange you would also be forced to change numbers. SIP trunking turns this on its head – you can move anywhere in the country and provided you have an internet connection you keep the same SIP trunk with the same numbers no matter where you go!

The cost of SIP trunking is vastly cheaper than ISDN too, both line rental and call charges are usually far cheaper because physical lines don’t have to be installed or maintained anymore.

There is absolutely no reason why you cant change from ISDN to SIP trunking now, its easy to move your existing numbers over to the new technology. Not only will you get better flexibility, but as a business you’ll be able to cut costs straightaway too!

Using our robust dataservers we are able to provide a fully managed trunk with as many channels as you require with a failover facility should your IP telephone system go offline