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Leased Lines

Stay connected with the ultra-fast, ultra-reliable internet experience

Does your business struggle with broadband speeds or reliability? If you need a guaranteed uptime and high-speed connectivity, then a dedicated fibre-optic leased line connection is the best choice for you.

nxcoms leased line services

Our first-class leased line options are competitively-priced, with bandwidth speeds of up to 10Gb/s and impressive levels of resilience and technical support. These proven solutions deliver:

  • Direct fibre optic connection to the premises
  • Uncontended connections with no bandwidth sharing
  • Scalable speeds up to 10Gb/s
  • Guaranteed performance at all times
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds
  • 99.99% uptime, 4-hour repair and 24/7 support
  • Chose from one of six different carriers
  • Competitive pricing, amongst the lowest in the UK


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Nxcoms supplies leased lines from BT
Nxcoms is working with Faster Britain
Nxcoms supplies leased lines from Virgin Media
Nxcoms is an LCR Connect Partner
Nxcoms supplies leased lines from TalkTalk
Nxcoms is a partner of Cityfibre
Nxcoms supplies leased lines from Sky

The nxcoms service promise means we offer the ultimate internet connectivity, backed-up by our unrivalled expertise and a personal, hands-on approach.

Find out more about our leased lines solutions by contacting us or calling 0161 711 1100


Highly Scalable

Our leased lines are the ideal choice for companies looking for a scalable solution that can be quickly and easily adapted to changing requirements. This means you achieve the most cost-effective connectivity that matches the exact demands of your business.


Fast Access & Prioritisation

We support voice and cloud services, large file transfers, VPN and remote access by providing highly-reliable and-consistent bandwidth with symmetric speeds of up to 10Gb/s. We can also prioritise certain applications to prevent performance being affected during peaks in usage.


No Limits & Consistent Speeds

All our leased lines are supplied without usage limits, making it possible to work at full speed 24/7 365. There are also no contention restrictions, with no sharing of bandwidth or throttling of data, so you can avoid peak-time exchange congestion.


SLA Peace of Mind

We understand how critical the internet is to your business, so our service level agreement guarantees 99.99% availability with a 4-hour fix rate should the unexpected happen. Our UK-based technical support team also monitors all customer connections to identify and resolve any issues.

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