Is your business broadband slow? Is it letting you, your staff and your customers down? Can you make 3 whole TikTok videos in the time it takes for your internet pages to load?

Have you had to give an awkward ‘sorry’ to valued customers while you earnestly hit buttons in a desperate attempt to get your business back online? There’s nothing much worse, hey?

It makes you look bad. Your business seems unreliable and unprofessional. And that’s the last thing you need.

So why is your business broadband slow?

It’s probably relying on an outdated network – made from copper. And like all outdated systems, they have to hand on the baton of glory at the end of their race.

Here’s why the copper network has passed the finish line…

What Are Copper Cables?

For many, the internet has always just been there. Even if you can remember days pre-cable-connection, no doubt you too, find it hard to imagine life now without access to the world that lives through and thanks to, the internet.

Just imagine. No online shopping, no facetime with your favourites, no Googling a term you heard someone say (and pretended to know what they meant), no learning new things through YouTube or getting the latest goss from social media. Crazy, huh?

We’re all so used to firing up our laptops or scouring social media without much thought to how it all works. Who cares how it works?! Well nobody, until it doesn’t…

Copper cables make up a vast underground network that was originally set up to allow voice calls to connect via telephones. Laid over 100 years ago (yes, that old), copper cables brought us the first working telephones. They’ve been a triumph for sure.

Those exceptional but tired copper cables link your business to the nearest connection point – those green cabinets that sit unnoticed in your nearby road, that’s them! Who knew?!

The copper cables transmit data. All that communication for your business? Passed along as electrons and electrical pulses along copper wires that are more than a century old…no wonder they’re struggling with current information transmission!


Why Are They Making Your Business Broadband Slow?

Because of the way data is transferred along copper cables; as electrical pulses running along copper wires, the information can get a little, well, lost. The longer the span of copper is, the more likely it will render your business broadband slow and unfit for purpose.

So if your business happens to operate a long way from one of those green network cabinets, you probably struggle with the chaos of slow broadband.

With so many more of our business operations requiring a broadband connection, it’s no wonder copper cables simply can’t manage to keep up with the demand. They were designed for a different era, 1877 in fact – yeah that far back. Life looks pretty different these days, doesn’t it?

Since then, copper cables have had more leases of life than a Jamie Oliver cookbook, so they can continue to deliver broadband services for our homes and businesses for as long as they have. But it’s time for them to now hang up their coats and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

We salute you, copper cables!


The Impact Of Slow Internet

Let’s be honest, while copper cables will deservedly have a large section in our history books, their shortcomings can have a disastrous impact on your business operations and reputation.

Made a big sale at a weekend show, only for your card machines to fail? Expectant queues form, but sales are impossible. Wasted time and disappointed customers. Poor broadband can literally stop your salary.

Do you or your team work remotely? Then you rely on efficient broadband to stay connected and keep your business running smoothly. Without reliable service, not only is your business broadband slow; but you’re also isolated and simply unable to provide your service. You might as well be back in 1877…

Then your staff get fed up and disgruntled. They start to murmur expletives under their breath while waiting for pages to load. They become more and more dissatisfied with their working day. They can’t get on with the job they’re paid to do. The best of the bunch will care. Bad broadband could literally cost you your talented team.

Then there are your clients and customers. What does it look like to them when you can’t see or reply to emails? When you have to apologise profusely for slow service. Or those times you can’t even chat to them ‘cos your phone line is too rubbish? They mark you as unreliable, and inefficient, then run into the arms of your competitors. Damn.


Is Your Business Broadband Slow?

“What should I do?!” we hear you cry.

Thankfully, the solution is easy and simple – fibre optic broadband is waiting in the wings, ready to be your knight in shining glass fibre.

Plus the ‘Big Switch Off’ is happening in 2025 (the copper connection will be disconnected for good), so the sooner you leave it behind, the better. Beat the business backlog by booking an appointment with a trusted provider now.

Want to know more about the ‘Big Switch Off’ and what it means for you and your business? Check out our recent post with all the essential info you need here.

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