Nxcoms working with Faster Britain

Nxcoms working with Faster Britain

Nxcoms is pleased to announce that we are now working with the Faster Britain programme, powered by ITS, to provide ultra-fast, reliable and low cost leased line solutions to businesses in Tameside, Greater Manchester.

Businesses in Tameside have often had to make the difficult choice between slow broadband which fits their budget, or ultra-fast leased lines which are vastly expensive. However, this doesn’t need to be the case any longer. Using the Faster Britain network, with speeds of up to 1Gbs, businesses in the Tameside area can quickly supercharge their internet connection and have all the benefits of a leased line without the associated higher costs.

How is this done? Through its approach to re-using existing infrastructure, Faster Britain builds are deployed faster than the competition by minimising disruption through intrusive, and often prolonged, digs. It also means connectivity can be installed in a matter of weeks, rather than months. By connecting to a network which has already been installed and its there ready and waiting, the costs are vastly reduced when compared to dedicated new leased line connections.

If you have a business which is based in the Tameside area and would like to find out more on how you can benefit from the Faster Britain network, contact nxcoms or call 0161 711 1100


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3 Ways To Monitor Sites While Social Distancing

3 Ways To Monitor Sites While Social Distancing

Technology and connectivity has transformed the construction industry allowing organisations to optimise their resources and improve delivery time.

What’s more, it’s these advancements that have helped sites to adapt to the ‘new normal’ over the last few months.

In this blog, we explore the three best solutions to site management post-lockdown. If you haven’t yet adopted them, you’ll soon see why you should…

Task management and scheduling software

On a construction site, there are a number of projects taking place at any one time. In order for site managers to assess each, they typically have to get at the coalface of every project and make a note of the progress made.

Already painstakingly long, this requires a member of your construction workforce to mix between multiple groups – and there’s a risk that social distancing rules may be broken. However, with task management software that all changes.

Instead of manually updating each team, and then the stakeholders, your teams can report their progress online. Site managers can update their schedules and investors can benefit from regular updates on the development lifecycle.


Improved site surveillance

Of course, this doesn’t solve the problem of how to monitor the behaviour of your teams. In fact, one of the benefits of having a site manager is that they can report back on whether or not your staff are complying with health and safety, and social distancing rules.

However, it’s likely that you already have a solution available… Your CCTV set-up can be used to run your operation from the back office. Not only will it help you enforce social distancing, but having prominent surveillance protects you from any unwarranted claims or health and safety breaches.

Construction sites can be dangerous places, and you are liable for those who work on the premises – and members of the public who come too close. CCTV allows you to monitor all elements of your site and leaves you with undisputed evidence of your attempts to protect all parties, should you need it.


eSIMS to keep you connected

Unfortunately, while you are managing your site you might struggle to stay connected to each team. Broadband can take some time to set up, and WiFi hotspots might not necessarily reach across the development.

Luckily for you, eSIMS are perfect for finding connections when there are seemingly none. They allow any mobile device to connect with any provider in the UK or abroad. You won’t need to decide which provider to use either, the product will always connect to the carrier with the strongest signal.

This will ensure those using task management software on their mobile devices will always be able to update you and continue to report back their progress. Likewise, it allows you to check your surveillance tech from wherever you are, as opposed to being stuck in a fixed location.


Where we come in

At Nxcoms, we’ve been driving construction teams forward for years. We understand the stumbling blocks that have prevented the industry from adopting software and have created solutions to overcome them.

But we don’t just provide eSIMS. We’re also able to install a direct broadband connection and can even protect it via a private APN. Sound good? Speak to a member of the team today by emailing info@nxcoms.co.uk or calling 0161 711 1100.

Nxcoms to give all clients a free European holiday

Nxcoms to give all clients a free European holiday

For their third anniversary, Nxcoms are paying for all their clients to stay at a hotel of their choice in a number of European hotspots.


Connectivity experts Nxcoms are turning three. But rather than pat themselves on the back, they’re rewarding all their customers with an opportunity to get away.

Having spent lockdown supporting their clients with new working from home arrangements – or working from anywhere for that matter – they’re confident that the pick me up we all need is a little wanderlust.

The scheme will include all clients of Nxcoms with no exceptions and allows the client – or a representative of – to stay in a range of 3/4 star hotels around Europe.

Of course, the business understands that not everyone is ready to fly right now. So to offer a little peace of mind, their vouchers last up to 24 months and can be used at any time throughout the year.


Andy Thompson, Managing Director of Nxcoms, said “This year we wanted to do something special for our clients, and whilst we understand many people really want a holiday, they probably feel that due to Covid-19 now isn’t the right time to travel. So, we have arranged for free hotel accommodation at several popular European destinations that can be used at any time in the next 2 years. All our existing clients are eligible, and any new clients that join us in 2020 would also be eligible for the holiday offer too!”


For customers looking to upgrade their room to all inclusive, they can do so for a reduced fee. The hotel’s amenities however, are yours to use as you would on any other vacation.

Want to know more? Discover the company behind this offer by visiting nxcoms.co.uk/holiday or emailing info@nxcoms.co.uk.

Nxcoms Are Taking To The Skies For Our Third Birthday

Nxcoms Are Taking To The Skies For Our Third Birthday

I don’t know about you, after all of the recent doom and gloom, we could use a holiday right now. It’s also our third birthday this month and we’d like to celebrate in style.

But, we don’t want to pat ourselves on the back or any of that nonsense. Instead, we want to give you something that 2020 has taken away from us. And that something is a free getaway.

That’s right, we’re paying for all our clients to go abroad at any time in the next 2 years. And, you even get to choose the destination from a list of European hotspots. Here’s how it works…


Clients of Nxcoms, pack your bags

Provided you’re a client of ours, we’ll pay for you to stay at 3 or 4-star accommodation across Europe. From Barcelona to Istanbul, the choice is yours. Once you’ve selected a destination, you’ll be presented with a list of luxury hotels each equipped to make your stay special.

Our offer covers the standard packages, excluding local taxes, flights and transfers, but if you do fancy upgrading rooms or adding a few extra days for a reduced cost, feel free to treat yourself during the booking process.

Once you arrive, simply say your name and it’s as if you booked through traditional methods. Only this time it’s on us.


What’s the catch?

We know. You’re probably thinking there’s got to be something in the small print. But, there’s not. It really is this simple. We’ll give you an activation code which you then use to register. There is a small fee to pay to cover the local taxes in the country you are going to, and then you have 24 months to book your holiday. You’ll be presented with a range of hotels, all located in the area of your choice and with a range of amenities.

How can we do this? Well, most hotels and resorts have at least one vacancy at any one time. So, to make the most of their rooms, they work with companies like us to refer guests. They get tourism, and you get a holiday. It’s a win-win!

You’re also free to take another adult and up to two children under the age of 12. So spread the wanderlust by inviting a loved one or treating a close friend. Better yet, upgrade your room and take the whole family.

Oh, and don’t worry if you don’t fancy traveling just yet as you’ve got up to two years to decide on your holiday dates.


Sign me up

If you’re interested in the offer and are an Nxcoms client, get in touch with us at sales@nxcoms.co.uk. We’ll be able to answer any questions you might have too. A full list of terms and conditions can be found here.

Not yet a client of Nxcoms? You can still hitch a ride on the holiday express. All you need to do is speak to a member of the team about our services on 0161 711 1100.

As always, remember that we’re here to keep you connected – whether that’s with the latest voice technology or by enhancing your broadband services. If you’d like to find out more about what we offer, get in touch today.

How Connectivity Can Make Or Break A Construction Site

How Connectivity Can Make Or Break A Construction Site

Demand for internet access on sites has been steadily rising for years. Before, only a handful of site managers would be equipped with some level of connectivity. Now, as programmes become more demanding and site employees require more information and collaboration, connectivity is vital.

Everything from office equipment to cameras and 3D mapping devices need to move freely around your site. By limiting their connectivity, your team works less effectively and you risk not being compliant with current security standards.

So, to help you get to grips with it, we’ve provided a complete guide to connectivity and its role on modern construction sites.


Keep teams connected

If you’re in charge of operations for a construction site, you need to be able to check in with various projects – occasionally across multiple locations – to ensure that work is being carried out on time and within budget. Architects, contractors and clients all require updates and information too. And you may need to provide immediate access to plans and surveys. If not, everything could grind to a halt.

The same is true of technical and health and safety information. If your site workers can’t read relevant documentation, you’re acting unethically. And if they make a claim, on your head be it. There’s also the issue of supplier management, geolocation and workflow…

Trouble is, construction sites are still at the mercy of carriers and infrastructure providers. Which means whenever there’s downtime, client relationships suffer, on-site safety is threatened and so is the success of the project. Only by realising the true value of connection, and the role it plays in the smooth exchange of information on-site, will you realistically address all of the above challenges.


Ensure systems are secure

Even if communication between teams isn’t your number one priority, it’s likely that site security is. CCTV alone requires a stable connection in order to keep your site under constant surveillance. But it isn’t just your standard CCTV that you’ll need. In fact, there’s two forms of security most sites offer – physical and operational.
Operational is the human-enforced measures of protection, for example having guards on-site 24/7. Physical security though, which includes intruder detection and access control systems, requires a stable internet connection in order to truly protect the site. Which in most cases, is a stakeholder requirement.

Speaking of protecting the site, only by investing in construction connectivity can you safely support risk assessment and hazard identification technologies. This ensures that firstly, you’re not at risk of a claim and secondly, you’re protecting your assets from damage. How? By enhancing your processes so that you can run more comprehensive security measures.


Enjoy cloud-based software

Virtual desktops and cloud computing allow for more than quality connection however. They enhance your facilities so that you’re able evolve your site development into something more dynamic. Where before, a site manager may be shackled to their desk in order to monitor progress. Now, they’re able to update schedules, perform time entry and generate reports from the field with their mobile devices.

Whether you’re in need of a project management solution or an ERP system that can help you to better manage your resources, only by embracing cloud technology are you able to utilise them. Of course, with cloud relying on a stable internet connection, there’s no use shopping for software unless you’re confident you’ll remain fully connected while on-site.

Likewise, tethering your smartphone to these devices won’t be enough to sustain your team, rendering a project management tool useless. Instead you need a solution that isn’t hampered by data restrictions, network coverage and the inability to transfer data internally. Plus it will need to be protected from on-site activity, while flexible enough (in terms of its contract) to marry up to your project time constraints.

Often site managers will be forced to travel around overseeing various locations – some with very poor connection. This is where eSIMs come in. eSIMs allow any mobile data device to connect to any provider in the UK or abroad. So, whether you don’t know who the best provider is for the area you’re in or simply move around a lot, our eSIM product will always connect to the carrier with the strongest signal – no matter where you are.


How Nxcoms can help

In need of a better connection but don’t know where to start? Give us a shout. At Nxcoms, we understand that in order for you to deliver a project to the timeframe outlined and meet the demands of your clients, you need access to reliable internet speeds with increased bandwidth potential. And we have just the thing…

In fact, as experts in connectivity, our team have supported construction leaders with exactly that. Not only are we able to recommend solutions which are tailored to your project, but also your sector. So, whether you’re hoping to get a direct broadband connection established or looking to protect it with a private APN, we’ve got you covered.

If you’d be interested in learning more about connectivity options for construction sites, get in touch with us on info@nxcoms.co.uk or by calling 0161 711 1100.

Forget Working From Home…… Work From Anywhere Instead!

Forget Working From Home…… Work From Anywhere Instead!

If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that it pays to be flexible. With a little ingenuity and agility, remote working has allowed many to carry on with business as usual. Even those previously skeptical of working from home policies are now – understandably – converts.
But with more reaping the benefits, we believe that when lockdown eases, individuals will not just seek out opportunities to work from home but wherever it suits them.

Here, we explore how you can enable your team to do just that…


Keep connected with dedicated broadband

Now, it’s all well and good having a PC upstairs but if your employee’s presence on a Zoom conference is little more than a blur, you’re not exactly running at full capacity. Trouble is, most home set-ups have standard wireless connection meaning that full capacity isn’t always possible. That’s where a dedicated second broadband line comes in. No longer will you have to contend with the kids for connection while they’re playing games or watching videos. There are some circumstances where a second broadband connection isn’t available. But, if this is what’s stopping you from staying connected, we’ll provide a 4G router instead.


Ensure security with remote desktops

Back to your employee’s computers for a second… ask yourself, do you want your data stored on them? And, we’re not accusing your team of corporate espionage. Your employee’s devices are much easier to hack into than what you have in the office. After all, they’ll likely have varying levels of cybersecurity – and, in some cases, none at all. Remote desktops reduce your data exposure instantly. Your employees simply log into their computers, then into a portal that securely gives them access to their work computer. The result? All their files are now within reach and your data remains under lock and key – regardless of where they are or what their internet connection is like.


Free up resources with cloud software

If installing remote desktops has helped strengthen your team, why stop there? You’ve only just dipped your toe into the cloud water. Cloud is much more convenient – and cost-effective – for businesses. The way it’s delivered, in comparison to hardware, means that your usage often determines your bill. So if you’ve battened down the hatches these past few months, cloud allows you to minimise your infrastructure costs and dedicate money elsewhere. What’s more, data will be more secure, users will have even greater flexibility, and you’ll effectively be future-proofing your business all at the same time.


How we can help

At Nxcoms, we’re passionate about getting you back on track. Our experts are capable of not only setting up any of the above solutions, but also ensuring that they actually make a difference in your workplace – wherever that may be. Simply get in touch with a member of our team on 0161 711 1100, or email info@nxcoms.co.uk today.


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