Welcome to the world of fibre optic broadband! It’s good to be here, isn’t it? You’re about to get your hands on more bandwidth than you know what to do with and lightning-fast internet speed. Perfect business internet conditions.

Oh, hang on. Hold those horses. You’re not going with one of the telecoms giants, are you?

Is that really the right choice? Size isn’t everything you know.

Here are five solid reasons not to go with one of the big names for your business internet.


Slow Response Times When Things Go Wrong

Most customers expect fast response times, 24/7. If you’re one of them, think twice about choosing one of the big-league business internet providers over smaller telecom companies.

Larger organisations receive such a vast number of calls that, naturally, response times are much slower. Don’t mind waiting around for a few more minutes, you say? Think about your customers. Issues and mistakes in your communications mean your business is not functioning properly. And if your business isn’t functioning, you’re losing business.

Business owners need their problems sorted FAST, not wait around for a call agent to become available. If your internet is consistently dropping out  or is excruciatingly slow,  you need it fixed, right? (Click the links to read our recent blogs on these topics!)

Smaller comms providers usually have a reduced but highly attentive team of tech support. With fewer calls in the queue and more time to give you, you’ll be back up and running in no time.


Impersonal Approach

Not only do the big companies have less time for you, even as their ‘valued customer’, but they won’t know anything about you.

Not really. Only the cold facts – how much you’re paying them and what they should be getting.

How are the 15 different tech support staff you spoke to in the last year supposed to retain any information about the 300 separate business internet customers on the books?

It’s a shame, because any small business owner will tell you that taking the time to understand the setup of a customer’s company is integral to providing them with the best service possible. And the story is no different when choosing a smaller comms provider for your business internet. These guys strive to build trusting, long-term relationships with their customers and really live the whole ‘customer comes first’ vibe.


One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Hey, this follows on rather nicely! (It’s almost like we planned it or something).

Communications solutions can be complex, and the off-the-shelf packages available with larger business internet providers don’t always fit the bill.

Getting to grips with what a customer’s business is all about and how it works means smaller telecoms providers can tailor their offerings to suit particular wants and needs. They can offer bespoke solutions to fulfil particular requirements and understand that pre-packaged products are often too costly or completely wrong for many business owners.


Business Internet Contracts Can Be Complex

In the big leagues, products and the contracts that come with them can be impossible to compare. This makes it extremely difficult for customers to make informed choices.

Telecommunications is an area of business that is in constant evolution. With new ways of networking continuously cropping up, it’s a multi-legged beast, making telecom contract management very complicated.

Some businesses adopt a telecom procurement strategy to ensure they don’t overpay for something that doesn’t even meet their needs.


Little Consideration For Local Community

Because massive corporations span countries, and even continents, rather than sitting in a single location, they don’t develop positive business partnerships with local companies. There’s no need to, and no real opportunity.

Smaller companies most often enjoy being an integral part of the community around them. Fostering local business partnerships and providing great customer service means small, local companies can generate a tangible, positive reputation in their region. Buying the services of smaller telecom companies also reduces carbon emissions and creates jobs in the local area.


Smaller Business Internet Providers Will Look After Your Needs

There are plenty out there, but choosing a local telecom provider means you are stimulating your local economy and supporting the community that surrounds you.

Need fantastic customer service and fast fixes if things go wrong? Looking for a company that has the time to listen, get to know your business inside out and design a solution that will do what you actually need it to?

Shop small. You won’t regret it!

Not quite ready to make the switch yet but wondering why your business internet is so slow? Read our recent blog  to find out what could be causing it.


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