There are several reasons why you may have slow broadband – first and foremost its usually down to the physical distance from the telephone exchange. Broadband is provided over a copper cable and the longer the cable, the slower the speed. If the copper cable is poor quality or is damaged then this will also affect your broadband speed.

The super-fast alternative to standard broadband is Fibre Optic Broadband. This is also known as FTTC or BT infinity. Unlike standard broadband, this type of service has a fibre optic cable from the local exchange to the green street cabinet. However. the last mile from the cabinet to your premises still remains copper cables though and so the distance restrictions may still affect your speed.

Unfortunately, Fibre Optic broadband isn’t available in all areas, and many businesses in rural areas or on industrial estates will struggle to get it at all!

If slow broadband is affecting your business, and you cant get Fibre Optic Broadband……….how else can you get faster internet access?


Well the first alternative is quite simple – by using the mobile phone network. Mobile data connections provide internet speeds similar to fibre optic broadband but over the mobile phone network. In order to get a mobile data connection you need to be in an area covered by 4G which fortunately is becoming more widespread. 4G routers are available which use a mobile phone sim card and can connect your computer network to the internet.

If 4G isn’t available then you may need to consider a dedicated leased line. This type of internet connection requires a dedicated fibre optic cable to be installed in your premises. This can often mean a new cable has to be laid and routed into your premises, and may mean a long lead time of 3 months or more to get the service. Once installed, the fibre optic cable can deliver ultra-fast speeds that no other service can beat, however this comes at a higher price and can often cost several hundred pounds a month. The good news is, however, that you get a dedicated line which is 100% used by yourself, and it comes with guaranteed up-times an a service level agreement to ensure you are connected at all times.  This can be a great option for those businesses which rely on the internet to operate.

So, in order to get faster broadband you may need to choose between one of the alternatives which suits your business needs the best. If your business only has occasional use then mobile data may be better, but if you are a heavy internet user, or need a guaranteed 24/7 connection, then getting a dedicated leased line will be the best option in the longer term.

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