An APN is the network name that a mobile provider uses so that your device can access the internet.  APN, meaning “Access Point Name” is generally the same for all users on that mobile provider’s network. A Private APN is different, because it means your network is private and separate from the rest of the mobile provider’s network. So whilst you are still connecting via the mobile provider, your network is completely secure and isolated from the general public.

There are a number of advantages for a company to use Private APNs:


Being on a separate, secure network which is isolated from the general public has many security advantages.  First and foremost, no one from outside your network can “hack in” to any device, as its impossible to even see it, let alone connect to it. So whilst your devices have access to the internet, the internet cannot reach your devices at all. This makes it great for those applications which need a secure network such as CCTV, cash terminals, tracking devices, traffic management, medical and critical infrastructure.


The Private APN has its own local network, which is separated from the rest of the mobile provider’s network. If you are familiar with the concept of VLANs, then this works in a similar way. All the traffic on your Private APN is separated from the rest of the mobile provider’s traffic. Your business can easily connect to the Private APN network using an IPSEC Lan-to-Lan VPN connection. This would effectively make all your mobile devices an extension of your existing IT network, and because the VPN is highly encrypted its totally secure too!


Normally to access a mobile device remotely, you would need a public IP address assigned to the SIM card.  However, not only is this very costly, it also opens up your device to be discoverable on the public internet.  By using a Private APN, your devices are allocated a fixed private LAN IP address, so it not only makes the connection much cheaper, but it also means that its not possible for potential hackers to access you device via the internet.


By using a Private APN in conjunction with our eSIMs, you would get worldwide coverage of all your devices.  The devices would be on your private network at all times, no matter which country, or which mobile provider they are using.  Even if you are just based in the UK, the peace of mind knowing that you can connect via any provider means you can put devices into an unknown environment and be fairly certain that it will connect.


How can we help?

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