For their third anniversary, Nxcoms are paying for all their clients to stay at a hotel of their choice in a number of European hotspots.


Connectivity experts Nxcoms are turning three. But rather than pat themselves on the back, they’re rewarding all their customers with an opportunity to get away.

Having spent lockdown supporting their clients with new working from home arrangements – or working from anywhere for that matter – they’re confident that the pick me up we all need is a little wanderlust.

The scheme will include all clients of Nxcoms with no exceptions and allows the client – or a representative of – to stay in a range of 3/4 star hotels around Europe.

Of course, the business understands that not everyone is ready to fly right now. So to offer a little peace of mind, their vouchers last up to 24 months and can be used at any time throughout the year.


Andy Thompson, Managing Director of Nxcoms, said “This year we wanted to do something special for our clients, and whilst we understand many people really want a holiday, they probably feel that due to Covid-19 now isn’t the right time to travel. So, we have arranged for free hotel accommodation at several popular European destinations that can be used at any time in the next 2 years. All our existing clients are eligible, and any new clients that join us in 2020 would also be eligible for the holiday offer too!”


For customers looking to upgrade their room to all inclusive, they can do so for a reduced fee. The hotel’s amenities however, are yours to use as you would on any other vacation.

Want to know more? Discover the company behind this offer by visiting nxcoms.co.uk/holiday or emailing info@nxcoms.co.uk.

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