Alright, brass tacks: business internet is boring. We know it. You know it. Let’s not pretend it’s any more invigorating than watching paint dry.

But here’s another fact: failing to upgrade your network is going to seriously set your business back… if it isn’t doing so already.

If you sit there and do nothing about your internet, you’re courting disaster. Don’t wait for these problems to fall on top of you like a tonne of bricks. Read our bull-free blog to find a resolution.


Your current solution is probably insufficient


Do sluggish internet speeds ever bring your business to a crawl? You’re not alone. While 95% of the UK now has ‘superfast broadband’, the reality of what ‘fast’ looks like isn’t keeping pace.

Most ‘superfast’ connections still depend on copper telephone wires, which are limited to speeds of only 80Mbs – at best. It’s easy to see why companies settle for less-than adequate speeds. Shopping for a new provider is a pain, while upgrading to fibre-optic broadband might seem like an overhaul you can’t face or afford.

However, when you consider that fibre-optic based broadband lines can go from 100Mbs up to 1,000Mbs, it’s hardly surprising that your business is trailing behind by sitting tight with copper telephone wires.


The future of business internet lies in fibre


Fibre-optic lines offer added convenience, better call quality, and increased cost-efficiency in the long-term. The logic to switch is there, but if you’re reluctant to make the move you should know the government is going to ban copper lines altogether.

In three years’ time, new copper lines will no longer be sold, and by 2025 the aim is to phase them out for all customers.

In summary: finding a provider is impossible and your internet connection is soon to become obsolete. If you don’t act – your business is going to slow to a crawl.

The solution? Switch to fibre ASAP – the lines that carry the fastest internet speeds. The government are actually pushing to move everyone over to digital services by 2025. While that may sound like a pain, it’s actually a good thing.

You’ll need to install fibre very soon because the big guys say so – but you’ll enjoy a better connection as a result.

Keeping this in mind will make picking a provider much simpler, too. Narrow your search down to people who’re going to help you set up and get going – with added funding from the government…


The secret to grabbing better value gigabit


To encourage businesses to abandon their commitment to copper wire, the government are offering grants (temporarily) to small businesses to help them fund the switch to fibre optic.

The Gigabit Voucher Scheme doesn’t ask for anything from you in return; the government are just desperate to integrate gigabit connections across the UK as fast as they possibly can.

There’s only a bit of money left in the pot though, so you’ll need to take action quick. Or, Nxcoms can do all the work and apply for you. If you’re eligible – and you probably are – then you’ll bank a whopping £2,500 spending money for your gigabit connection.

Our guys will even throw a free router into the deal so you can get going ASAP for less.


Connect with Nxcoms


There’s no denying your SME should be looking at the higher end of the speed scale. The good news is that upgrading doesn’t need to be difficult – and it definitely doesn’t need to be out of your price range.

Grab the government grants through Nxcoms today. If you’re unclear about what the switch involves, just get in touch and we’ll explain the process without those convoluted telecoms buzzwords. We focus on fast, simple, clear communication – both in customer services and solutions.


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