Many people just associate 4G with their mobile phone, but in actual fact 4G has many more uses for business users, especially when it comes to internet access.


The speed of 4G is comparable to a fibre optic broadband line, but unlike a physical line which has to be installed by a phone line company, using 4G means you can move in and out of locations very quickly. 4G routers are now available to share a 4G connection with computers, laptops, and tablets, just the same as if they were in an office or home environment.

This is fantastic for those types of businesses which have temporary sites and need to move quickly. For example, a construction site can benefit enormously because they can instantly get an internet connection without waiting for lines to be installed. When the construction project closes, the equipment can be moved to the next site with very little fuss and connect from a new location.

There are also many locations in the UK which simply can’t get decent broadband speeds through a standard telephone line. By using a 4G data connection for your business internet connection, you instantly have access to those faster speeds without any large upfront costs!

Even if your business already has fast broadband speeds, another great application for 4G is by using it as a backup to your normal broadband lines. So, if for any reason your main broadband line went offline, a 4G connection could kick in automatically to ensure that internet access is always maintained at all times. This is ideal for those businesses which need to have a guaranteed connection to the internet, but perhaps cost implications prevent them from obtaining a dedicated leased line which has a service level agreement. 4G as a fail-over backup line is a cost effective alternative.


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