Attention!  Liverpool Businesses….. a new network is coming to you…

LCR Connect is the Liverpool City Region’s new 212km digital highway.

Spanning the six local authorities of Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St Helen’s and Wirral, this new digital infrastructure is a local network. It’s 50% publicly-owned and built for local businesses.

Experts estimate that with 100% full-fibre coverage across the Liverpool City Region, building on this network, the economic boost could be worth up to £1bn, creating thousands of local job and training opportunities.

Nxcoms is an LCR Connect Partner

Why LCR Connect for my business?


Choice: we’re an open access network, meaning you can access a range of business connectivity – from broadband to leased lines – allowing you to access and enhance IT and cloud services.

Uptime: because we’re a new network, we can switch you over, hassle free, with no downtime.

Speed: while some providers take months to install, we can have your business up and running on the network in days.

Bespoke: if one of the standard offerings doesn’t give you what you need, we can work with LCR Connect, with ‘commercial flexibility’ to work around your needs.

Personal: we’re in your region, so we know your patch (because it’s our patch too). We’re not your typical faceless, big corporation.


Why LCR Connect now?


As the UK looks to a copper switch off, and with more and more services becoming internet and cloud-based, the infrastructure that lies at the heart of business communications is being transformed.

Delivering Gigabit-capable speeds is becoming the norm, with ultrafast connectivity becomes a utility. The digital networks are enabling businesses of all sizes, allowing them to collaborate, support service and underpin the way we work and buy goods in the future.

partners of the LCR connect project




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Fibre Bright

Fibre Bright leased lines offer the ultimate gigabit connectivity solution. Delivering identical upload and download speeds of up to 10Gb/s, our fibre leased lines supply a dedicated service using the LCR Connect network. Ideal for those businesses who need “always-on, no matter what” connectivity, but with flexible speed options and quick installation times.


Fibre One

Fibre One is a full fibre broadband option aimed at smaller businesses with smaller budgets and smaller teams. The amazing thing? It still allows you to transform your capability and potential through ultra-fast gigabit connectivity. Fibre One provides the perfect first step into the world of full fibre and is ideal for small businesses on a very tight budget


Fibre Light

Fibre Light leased lines offer a reduced cost solution, giving smaller businesses access to full fibre connectivity without the long lead times or high monthly charges. Delivering identical upload and download speeds of up to 1Gb/s but at a contended rate, our Fibre Light lines use the LCR Connect network and are easily upgradeable at any time. Ideal for those businesses who need reliable connectivity, but may not have the budget for a full dedicated connection.


Working for you

Businesses which are located in the Liverpool City Region can get a full fibre internet connection within 20 days. Our Fibre One and Fibre Light products are always upgradeable at any time without any additional setup or engineering costs.

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